How to Set a bios Password on Dell?

As the administrator of an Dell notebook, you have access to the unit and of course BIOS settings that allow you to turn around how the equipment the boots and that designated. Installing an easy way BIOS username and password for some high tech will prevent unauthorized web users made by blossoming up and look buffering an operating system. Listed here is a very effective asset for those who have vulnerable organizational background on the computer while offering you need to keep the information anywhere from break – ins.

How to Set Bios password on Dell laptop?

  1. To get in the BIOS setup, boot the computer and press F2
  2. Highlight System Security then press Enter.
  3. Highlight System Password then press Enter and put in the password. Confirm the password.
  4. System Password will change from “not enabled” to “enabled”.
  5. Repeat process for Setup Password. Setup Password will change from “not enabled” to “enabled”.
  6. Highlight password status. Press Space bar to change password status from “unlocked” to “locked”.
  7. press Esc twice and then highlight Save and Exit, press enter.

By the way, if you forgot bios  password, what would you do? How to reset the bios password? Just get the answer from: